Warta Informatika Pertanian : Volume 10, Desember 2001

  • Aplikasi Analisis Regresi/Korelasi Data Hasil Penelitian Peternakan dengan Menggunakan Program SAS - Statistical  Analysis System.     

M. E. Yusnandar - Staf Balai Penelitian Ternak, Ciawi.

The SAS (Statistical Analysis System)  is a statistical program for data analysis. This program has many modules such as specific facility for storage, calling and manipulation data. One of specific modules is regression / correlation analysis. Regression/ Correlation Analysis is usually used to independent variables. It is usually used to calculate a regression/Correlation analysis which can be done efficiently and quickly. This paper exercised regression/correlation analysis of data form livestock research result. 

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  • Delapan Langkah Pembuatan Peta Data dengan Program MapInfo (Tip & Trik)
Djoko Trijono - Staf Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian, Bogor. 

The era of information and communication today required accuracy accessible programs and data as well. MapInfo is the application program designed to display mapping data of all Indonesian region including province and kabupaten. This program could show data and information in form of range by region and individual line as well, and also counting or data grouping, weather nominal number or deviation standard, display in layer or raster form to distinguish between the commodity one to another, so it could be easy to use by the user to transfer the information required. The minimum computer capacity used starting transfer the information required. The minimum computer capacity used starting with x486 processor, 16 MB or Random Access Memory, and 2.1 GB hard drive. This Tip and Trik paper including chosen and selected steps common used to design mapping data. 

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