Warta Informatika Pertanian : Volume 14, Desember 2005

  • Uji Kesesuaian Hukum Mendel dalam Memilih Benih Jagung Opaque

M. Yasin HG, Arifuddin & Faezal, Balai Penelitian Serealia, Maros

The test of Mendel law was to conducted on light table to selected opaque seeds of maize by score seeds (value : 2 and 3) from F2 generation. Self pollinated from F1 (CML161xMr14) was to selected in the field on season 2003/2004 with conventional system, selfing and selected with synchronize to flowering time. The hypothesis H0 : (α1 + α2) = 0,75 and α 3 = 0,25 vs H1 alternative, to tested on some selected ears.  χ2  distribution d.f (n-1) was statistically to find out of conclusion.

The result shown that there are only two ears (11,76 %) were follow on Mendel law, i.e. family (CML151xMr14)-2 and (CML161xMr144)-30 with the  χ2 = 1.41 and 1.23. Characters of the two inbred lines seeds are flint, yellow, not lodging, high content of lysine and tryptophane compare of normal maize.

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  • Aplikasi Fuzzy Set Berbasis Sistem Informasi Geografis dalam Evaluasi Kesesuaian Lahan
M. Ramli & Sumbangan Baja, Balai Penelitian Serealia Maros & Uhas Makasar

Research of Land suitability evaluation using Fuzzy Set approach has been conducted at an extent of 40.096 ha in Cina and Mare Subdisrict, Bone Regency, South Sulawesi. The aim of this study was to evaluate land suitability for clove based on the land characteristic and economy at scale 1:50.000. The analysis was undertaken using Geographic Information Systems. The result of this research showed that the extent of land units having land suitability with S1 category for developing clove is  6,529 ha (16.28%; distributed at the land units 12, 13, 14  and 26). While the land units having class Sinclude 18, 24, 25 comprising a total area of  2,761 ha (6.89%). Land unit with the highest MF value has an NPV of Rp 127,623,129.-. 

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  • Penerapan Program Mstst-C pada Analisis Split Plot pada Hasil Penelitian Ameliorasi pada Kacang Tanah
Sutarno, Malang Jawa Timur

Split plot  attempt is applicable for treatement with one of the factor is related to the level of one or more treatment with another factor. The first major variety factor as the special plot (main plot), while the fertilization as the second factor is placed as a plot child (sub plot). The result of the research is analyzed using Mstat-c program which can adapted  with the device, and this program is easy to operate with the menu system. Data analysys using Complete Random Block device 2 Factor is suitable to fulfill the need of the results of agricultural research. Input data using keyboard can save the data automaticaly. There are four types of the amalioran treatment which passed to peanut, the upppermost product is; organic fertilizer combination of Formula-1 with the measuring 1000kg/ha can raise product with equal to (36,85%) from the mean equal product as control 0,825 to 1,129 t/ha. While the organic fertilizer Formula-2 using measuring 1500 kg/ha can raise  the product to (26,55%), from 0,825 t/ha up to 1,044 t/ha.

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  • Teknik Implementasi Pengembangan Sumber Informasi Pertanian Nasional dan Lokal P4MI
Retno Srihartati Mulyandari & E. Eko Ananto, P4MI Jakarta

Poverty in rural areas of the country could be found mostly in rain-fed marginal lands. However, agricultural development programs as well as other sector development programs have left behind these areas and the people working there.  In addition, one of the problem of the individual capacity of the farmers is usually low as indicated by low educational attainment, low social transaction skills, and low access to information and public services and very low communication media exposure.   Through Loan Asian Development Bank since year of 2003, IAARD was been implemented a special project identified as Poor Farmers’ Income Improvement through Innovation Project (PFI3P).  One of the main aim of this special project is to improve the income of poor farmers in rain-fed marginal lands through  innovative agricultural technology and other rural development innovations including  increasing the access of poor farmers’ to agricultural information. Through this activity, the project will upgrade market information and agricultural technology information through improvement of the existing information management systems so that the farmers will be able to access the up to date agricultural market information in addition to reorienting agricultural production plans according to local comparative advantages.

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  • Merakit Sebuah Komputer Pribadi (Personal Computer) dan Mengenal Komponen-Komponen di dalamnya 
Djoko Trijono, PSE Bogor

The Personal Computer (PC) consists of 13 components which are integrated by system. Mainboard (MB) which is a main component is very important and called as a Central Processing Unit (CPU) that can organize all of the components. There are many generations of the PC dealing with the speed of processing (CPU), the old generation was XT (x8086 or x8088) with speed from 512 K to 1.000 K ( 1 MHz), the midle generation was AT x286/x386/x486 with speed up to 2 MHz, and the current generation was Pentium IV with speed up to 2.8 GHz. According to the computer improvement, hardware improvement is faster than the software improvement. Hardware improvement is always followed or supported by many facturing of components, such as Intel, AMD etc. In other hand, software improvement is quaite slow but they collaborate between the software producer mutualy.

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