Warta Informatika Pertanian : Volume 18 No. 1, 2009


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Anggota :

Dr. Wayan R. Susila ; Dr. L. Hardi Prasetyo ; Ir. V. Rino Hermawanto, M.S ; 

Dhani Gartina, S.Komp. ; Ir. Erlita Andriani, M.Sc ; Dra. Siti Nurjayanti, M.Sc ; Drs. Iwa Sungkawa, M.S.

Redaksi Pelaksana :

Mimbarsono ; Ir. Sri Arini Daryati ; Mohammad Maulana, Amd.


  • Kajian Pengembangan Industri Akar Wangi (Vetiveria Zizanoides L.) Menggunakan Interpretative Structural Modelling

Chandra Indrawanto, Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Perkebunan - Bogor.

Indonesia contributes around 25% of the vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides L.) oil In international market This small contribution put Indonesia as price taker in the market.  However, it also give Indonesia an opportunity to develop its vetiver industry.  For that reason, it is important to identify the elements in vetiver industry those are prioritised  to be handled. This research uses a system approach in its analysis. Interpretative Structural Modelling (ISM) method has been applied to build the structure of the vetiver oil industry base on the relation between its elements and to decide the elements those are prioritised  to be handled.  Acquisition of expert judgement has been done by intensive interview and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to seven vetiver experts.  The analysis shows there are 10 important sub elemets of the obstacle element and 11 sub elements of goal element of the vetiver industry.  The ISM analysis of the sub elements of obstacle element shows that unstable demand of vetiver oil in international market, unstable prices of vetiver oil in international market, un available of superior variety of vetiver that has high productivity and high rendemen, and a less information of technology to the vetiver farmers and agroindustry enterpreneur are independent sub elements.  These sub elements have a high influence to the other sub elements but are low influnced by other sub elements.  While, un adopted of recommended vetiver farming technology by the farmers, un adopted of recommended vetiver oil destilation technology by the agroindustry enterpreuners, a weak bargaining position of the farmers and agroindustry enterpreneurs in vetiver market, and Indonesian position as a price taker in international market are linkage sub elements. These sub elements have a high influence to the other sub elements and also have been high influnced by other sub elements. The ISM analysis of the sub elements of goal element shows that stabilization of the demand of vetiver root (as raw material of vetiver oil), stabilization of price of  vetiver root, stabilization of the demand of vetiver oil, and stabilization of price of vetiver oil are independent sub elements. While, increasing productivity of vetiver farming, increasing efficiency of vetiver oil agro industry, increasing the quality of vetiver oil, and increasing the role of financial institution in financing vetiver farming and agro industry are linkage sub elements.  The policies those have to be taken based on the ISM analysis results are: (1) The demand and the price of vetiver root and vetiver oil have to be stabilized. (2) The recommended technology of the vativer farming has to be dessiminated. (3) The recommended technology of the vetiver oil destilation has to be dessiminated. (4) The supperior variety of vetiver that has a high productivity and high rendemen oil has to be found. (5) Encouraging financial institution to finance vetiver farming and agroindustry. Key words : development, industry, Interpretative Structural Modelling (ISM), Vetiveria zizanoides.

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  • Model Persamaan Struktural Kerawanan Pangan
Sabarella, Statistisi pada Pusat Data dan Informasi Pertanian - Jakarta.

This research was aimed to apply the structural equation modeling for studying relationship among food insecurity indicators on national level, Java and out of Java. Data source for this research based on selected indicators from Indonesia food insecurity map. These indicators consist of three food insecurity factors which are food availability, access on food and income, and food utilization and absorption. A tentative model hypothesizes relationship among three factors (latent variables) that represent performance of food insecurity by using LISREL (Linear Structure Relationship). The result model for national level and Java  shows that food availability positively affected the performance and significantly for access, access positively affect absorption, but food availability affect the absorption negatively, this  is an food insecurity.  In out of Java food availability positively and insignificantly affect the access, this mean that district in out of Java generally not sufficient to food availability of a region, but access positively and significant affect the absorption. Key words : food insecurity, latent variable, indicator, structural equation model.

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  • Keterkaitan Sebaran Khi Kuadrat Dengan Pendekatan Sebaran Binomial Terhadap Normal Baku Dalam Pengujian Proporsi
Iwa Sungkawa, Dosen Universitas Bina Nusantara, Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi - Jakarta.

This article discuss about the study of the use of the chi-square and standard normal distribution in the testing of the proportion and discuss about analys relations between the chi-square and standard normal distribution. In the proportion research, the connect distribution is the binomial or multinomial distribution, generally is us by the chi-square distribution for hipothesis testing. The chi-square distribution could be generated from determine the quadratic of the standard value from each random variable that poisson distribution,  that is the form of the approach from the binomial distribution to n (the measurement of the sample) quite big and p relatively small. The special form in the testing of the similarity of one or two proportion, by using the standard normal distribution that is results of reduction of the chi-square distribution in the proportion test, so as could point out in x2 = Z2  (where x2 = chi-square). In this article is us the sample from the data hipotetik about the researcher  that grouped according to the age group. The key word :  the chi-square distribution, the binomial and multinomial distribution, the poisson distribution, the proportion, the standard normal distribution.

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  • Penggunaan Software Open Source Dalam Mendukung Kegiatan Penelitian dan Administrasi Perkantoran
Dhani Gartina, Sekretariat Badan Litbang Pertanian - Jakarta. 

Software which is installation to a computer is to cover operating system and software application. Operating system is the software which does the control, hardware management and the basic system, including running software application, example of a software application is words processor programs. Application system is a specification application usage by the user to support the activity, such as  office application that is words processor application (word), table processor (spreadsheet), presentation (Power Point),  Software license domination not just belongs to Microsoft, the new comer open source had opened the new atmosphere and become the alternative use application software more cheaper. Open office is a software that we can get and distribution for free. Research activities and a office administration in Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development needs a software application for support their activities. Application software Open Office is the alternative to press the cost than if we used the license software. OpenOffice.org or OOo is one of the open source applications; this is office application including words processor (writer), table processor (spreadsheet), presentations (impress), math or formula (math). The OOo fitur is the same interesting as the license software application. OOo support an open document standard, so the document result can open by other application and can save to do the same jobs. Key Words : Aplication software, OpenOffice.org, Open source.

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  • Perancangan Specific Decision Support System Untuk Pengelolaan Barang Milik Negara Litbang Pertanian
Priyono dan Mimbarsono, Sekretariat Badan Litbang Pertanian - Jakarta. 

To improve the effective management of IAARD’s state-owned assets, specifically determining optimal allocated budget for the IAARD’s research station and research laboratory, developing Specific Decision Support Systems (SDSS) can be considered. Problems and decisions faced by the IAARD in handling its assets included allocation of fund to the development of research station, meet with the criteria of the development of SDSS, especially using Quick Hit design Method. The systems generated with spreadsheet data of evaluation of budget proposal for IAARD’s research as database generator. Keywords : Research station, Specific Decission Support System.

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