Warta Informatika Pertanian : Volume 5 Nomor 1, Juli 1995

  • Penerapan Analisis Perancangan Linier dalam Mengoptimalkan Sistem Usahatani Jambu Mete di Muna - Sulawesi Tenggara - The Aplication of Linier Disign Analysis to Optimize the Cashew Nut Farm Management System, in Muna South-East Sulawesi
Mamat HS, Budi Wardono, Indah Sriwulan, Azmi Dhalimi

The application of linier design analysis to optimiize the cashew nut farm management system in Muna, South-East Sulawesi, has the primary aim to obtain optimal planting design with the cashew nut as a major crop, based on the human source own by the farmer. The result of the primary data analysis, obtained from 50 questionnaires farmers in five village within five districts in the Muna region, by mean of multistage random sampling indicated that the optimal planting system is to thinning mixed with maize and cassava as a secondary crop. The above planting system will give a result Rp. 1.095.835,- of the acreage 1.3 ha and the over all resources will be completely used except the men power potential in the dry season. Besides the above result the dual price indicated from the addition of 1 ha acreage management, will increase the income to Rp. 505.450,-.

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  • Analisa Peluang Hujan dengan menggunakan Sebaran Gamma untuk Beberapa Lokasi Perkebunan Karet di Propinsi Lampung - Rainfall Probability Analysis by using Gamma Distribution for Several Rubber Estate Locations in Lampung Province

The rainfall data were usually presented as mean monthly rainfall.  However, the amount of reinfall that can be expected with a certain probability was more important than mean monthly rainfall.  Gamma distribution was used to calculate the amount of rainfall that at least can be expected with the probability of 50 %, 75 % and 90 % for 3 locations of rubber estate in Lampung province.  The greater rainfall probability, the amount of rainfall that can be expected were less.  Also, the result showed that the probability to get the amount of rainfall greater than the mean monthly rainfall was little especially in August-October therefore mean monthly rainfall did not show the expected amount of rainfall that could be gained.  There was also a very good correlation between mean monthly rainfall and rainfall with probability of exceedance of 75%.

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  • Penggunaan Persamaan Simultan untuk Model Sistem Komoditas - Application of Simultaneous Equation for Commodity System Model
Wayan R Susila

The development of commodity analysis using a commodity system has induced the development of econometric model.  Econometric model used has to accommodate a condition which allows interrelationships among variables within a system of equation.  In response to this development, simultaneous equation system model is discussed within this paper.  The discussions were emphasized on practical aspects, covering theoretical frame-work, identification, and estimation of the model.  Moreover, a word crude palm oil model is used to illustrate the use of the model which represents a commodity model.

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  • Aplikasi Bahasa Pemrograman Komputer di Bidang Penelitian Pertanian - Aplication of Computer Programming Language in Agriculture Research
Agus Ruhnayat

Computers have been used in all tasks including agriculture research. However, it has not supported yet by the software. In order to develop software for research, some expertises in the related research field should be needed. There are many programming languages for research such as BASIC, FORTRAN, C, PROLOG, CSMP III, MUMPS, Expert System, and others. Application of computer programming language in agricultural research generally in the purpose of simulation, complicated calculation, and data processing such as ADSS, ALES, CROPWAT, SIMMETO, DSSAT, CERES RICE, CERES MAIZE, SOYGRO, SIMPEG, SIMMDN, and 50 forth. Most of the existing software was created by foreign researchers, while domestic researchers creation is limited. Some software have been developed for management of spices and medicinal crops by Agus Ruhnayat from Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Crops including TROTAN, TRONA, LTRO, INFOTRO, ANALIN, and TROSTAT. Those software will be developed along with the results of Agricultural research activities are collected. The purpose of his study is to assess the application of computer programming language in agriculture research.

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  • Sistem Informasi Register Pembayaran Tunjangan Keluarga di Badan Litbang Pertanian - Personnel Registration Information System in Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (AARD)
Akmaluddin dan Harisno 

Updating personnel data in AARD was executed periodically. The data that was updated including personnel rank, working experience, salary, address, marital status, number of supported children either own, step, or adopted children that have not supported themselves yet. Besides, there is possibility these children are not registered yet in the personnel registration. Filling payroll registration form could be bored for some staffs, especially for these whose basic data does not changed. However, fill in this form is mandatory; otherwise their data will not be updated. This condition will bring some advantages for them. In order to support personnel registration activities, especially in relation to updating basic personnel data, a processing data system that running fast and accurate is needed. The usage of this system is crucial since it could help routine tasks with lower costs. Nowadays, fill in the personal registration form is no longer manually, but it can be done by computer through the Personnel Registration Information System. The benefit of this system are as follows: (1) as a tool of formulating personnel payroll so that the payment can be processed quickly and accurately; (2) updating of personnel data, especially related to payment, can be done timely; (3) to avoid repetition of personnel registration every year which can be bored; and (4) increase efficiency of computer system in AARD.

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