Warta Informatika Pertanian : Volume 7 Nomor 2, Desember 1997

  • Penerapan Analisis Lintasan pada Fungsi Produksi Kenaf (The Application of Path Analysis in Production Function of Kenaf) (Alternatif Approaches for Measuring Farm Efficiency or In-Efficiency)


This analysis was design to know the direct and indirect effect of determined independent variables on kenaf yield. Determined independent variables were land area , seed , fertilizer, pesticide, and man power. The direct and indirect effect of independent variables were measured  using value of path coefficient. Selected  independent variables were defined as variable that had not significant effect on kenaf yield and had least contribution to the coefficient of determination (R2).

The direct effect of land area, seed, fertilizer, pesticide, and man power on yield were 0, 43017; 0,26087; 0,12015; 0,06037; and 0,17093, respectively. Total indirect effect of the independent variables through the others were 0,40285; 0,55148; 0,51311; 0,1719; and 0, 54916, respectively.  Selected  independent variables (land area, seed, and man power) had the coefficient of determination of 0,7699. The contribution of such independent variables into the coefficient of determination were 0,3389; 0,2773; and 0,1537 respectively.

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  • Kajian Model Ekonomi Minyak Nabati di Indonesia (A Study of Plant Oil Economic Model in Indonesia)  
Benny Rachman     

The purpose of this study is to identify determinant factors affected the economic performance of coconut and palm oil by applying linier equation system as analytical approach through SUR (Seemingly Unrelated Regression) estimation method.  In this study, 12 endogenous variables, 4 exogenous time variables, and 20 exogenous variables were used.

The results indicated that technological element was fairly important in supporting productivity, while government credit subsidy gave relatively less impact on estate sector development especially coconut and palm oil.  Exchange rate and development index were other determinants in supporting CPO export as well.  Application of price assignment policy tends  to maintain price in farm level, but in other side drove disadvantage impact especially in industry (factory price level growth rate of export volume of Indonesia palm oil declining.

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  • Verifikasi Penarikan Tanaman Sampel secara Diagonal untuk Pengendalian Hama Helicoverpa sp. pada Tembakau Besuki No (Verification of Diagonal-Sampling Method in Pest Management of Helicoverpa sp.  in Besuki No Tabacco)  
Cece Suhara dan Nurheru.  
This experiment was carried out at Penataran Curah Rejo Besuki NO tobacco cropping area of PTP XXVII  Jember from August to November 1992. The aims was to evaluate the accuration of diagonal sampling technique and the maximum area should be represented by 20 plant samples.  Egg and larvae was observed one week after planting, and then frequently observed at six-day interval. The population of eggs and larvae of Helicoverpa sp. was counted on control plot of  1,691 plants. 20 plant samples taken diagonally was also counted an area of 0.5 ha; 1.0 ha; 1.5 ha and 2.0 ha.
The results showed that the amount of egg of Helicoverpa sp. taken from the sample area were not significantly different, and the development of egg amount have similar pattern. Hence, 20 plant samples taken diagonally can be used to represent an area of 2.0 ha of Besuki NO tobacco. Since the peak number of egg of Helicoverpa sp.  was observed between 17 and 39 days after planting, egg counting should be done intensively at that days.
The results also showed that the amount of larvae of Helicoverpa sp. was not significantly different, and the development pattern of each area were similar. Using 20 plant samples taken diagonally, therefore, was considered more efficient to represent an area of 2.0 ha.
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  • Keragaan dan Status Pejabat Pranata Komputer di Badan Litbang Pertanian (Descripion and Status of Computer Functional Staff  in Agency for Agricultural Research and Development)
This paper is aimed to identify problems faced by computer functional staff within Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (AARD). A questionnaire is applied to obtain inputs, description of status, problems, and obstacles of the computer functional staff. Questionnaires were sent to the computer functional staff in AARD. There were only 74 forms received from the amount of 108 disseminated  forms. The received forms can be divided into 13 active staff, 53 warning staff, and 8 staff who got temporary discharge of duty. The 34 forms which were not sent back consisted of 3 active staff, 6 temporary discharge staff, and 25 warning staff. Problems faced by computer functional staff in accumulating credit points are: (a) difficulties in the documentation of program, system, and data; (b) administrative in presenting problems cumulative credit grade; (c) function, position, and job description are not match; (d) there is insufficient skills to apply computer language program; (e) lack of regular training for computer functional staff; and (f) insufficient and out of date facilities staff can apply and employ.
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