Warta Informatika Pertanian : Volume 8, Desember 1999

  • Beberapa Alternatif Pendekatan untuk Mengukur Efisiensi atau In-Efisiensi dalam Usahatani (Alternatif Approaches for Measuring Farm Efficiency or In-Efficiency)
Witono Adiyoga
The analysis of production is an integral part of policy making for implementing agricultural development programs. The policy obkective is often to identify possibilities for increasing output while conserving resource use. The question involved is the extent to which existing farms have allocated their resources efficiently. Such question can be addressed within a framework of frontier production function. This paper is intended to provide a brief elaboration of alternative approaches for measuring efficiency or inefficiency. It is nearly impossible to judge that one approaches and models available must be made on the information about the quality of the data, or how the data are generated, and above all, the purpose of the study.
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  •  Konsep Dasar Markov Chain serta Kemungkinan Penerapnnya di Bidang Pertanian (Markov Chain and Its Applications in Agriculture)
Edi Abdurachman  
Markov analysis is a method of analyzing the current behaviour of some variable in an effort to predict the future behaviour of that some variables. As a management tool, Markov analysis has been successfully applied to a wide variety of decision situations. An interesting application of Markov analysis in agricultural economists has been to the study of how economic processes and institutions have changes throught time as what  paths they are likely to take in future periods. Within this context the major purpose of this paper is to discuss the concept of a Markov chain process and to indicate its potential usefulness in analyzing problems where detailed time-ordered data exists over some time span. An example concerning the past and potential size distribution of a sample of hog-producing firms will be analyzed.
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  • Pendekatan Fungsi Cobb-Douglas dengan Elastistisitas Variabel dalam Studi Ekonomi Produksi : Suatu Contoh Aplikasi pada Padi Sawah (Cobb-Douglas Function Approach with Varying Elasticity in the Economic Production Study : An Application for Wet Land Paddy Case)
Aman Djauhari   

Eventhough single Cobb-Douglas production function is applicable for each pre-determined category, still, it does not visible for all mosaics of the production techniques adopted by farmers in  the field. A modified Cobb-Douglas function by introducing an index, which affects partial elasticity,and consequently to the scale, could  accommodate such problem. An application of such Cobb-Douglas function is presented in this paper.   

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  • Penerapan Model Dinamis dalam Sistem Penawaran dan Permintaan Beras di Indonesia   (An Application of Dynamic Model in Supply and Demand System of Rice in Indonesia)
Dewa Ketut Sadra Swastika.
The dynamic model is one of analytical tool that can be used to evaluate both short and long term impacts of a particular goverment agricultural policy. In agricultural sector, the impact of today policy usually occur some seasons or some years later. This is because of farmers can not anticipate the goverment policy immediately, due to time lag between  farmers decision and their output. On the other side, goverment policy often has a long term effect of a particular goverment policy in agriculture. For example, an increase in paddy floor price in October 1998 can not be immediately anticipated by farmers, because the have made the decision regarding what commodity to grow and how much. There is no effect of floor price increase on the area planted to rice during the wet season (April-August 1999). On the other hand, an incrase in fertilizer price and paddy floor price will affect farmers. Thus an increase in fertilizer price and paddy floor price will affect farmers in the different time period. This paper ia aimed to introduce the use of dynamic model to evaluate the short and long term impact of goverment policy on the supply and demand system of rice in Indonesia. For the application purposes, this paper is using the national data form Centeral Bureau of Statistic (CBS) during the period of 1970-1994. The data analysis is using three steps of analysis. The results showed that an increase in paddy floor price by 10% will lead to an increase in supply by 1.3% in the short term, and an increase in fertilizer price by 10% will lead to a decrease in rice supply by 0.3%, both in the short and long term. Another result is that the long term equilibrium of ice supply and demand is stable. It means the effect of price policy, after any departure from the short-run equilibrium, forces will  lead the system back to the original equilibrium. An important thing is that, the above exercises showed that the dynamic model can be used to evaluate both short and long term effect of price policy on the supply and demand system of rice.
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  • Fasilitas dan Keterlibatan Tenaga Analis Data di Lingkup Balitkabi (Equipment and Involvement of Computer Analyst at Research Institute for Legumes and Tuber Crops)
The reserch institute for Legumes and Tuber Crops (RILET) in order to attain its goal on accomplishment of its mandate, is equipped by computer facilities. To evaluate the load of computer in RILET, the data on hardware and software were collected during October 1999. The evaluation indicated that form the number of hardware is adequately available. However, due to most of computer was old generation (type XT), therefore, the large program could not be run easily. On the other hand, the number of computer analyst is less involved. This phenomena can be drawn from the average load work only 25 day/month. Contrary, during harvesting period, there are overload of computer analyst due to simultaneous harvest, and every researcher needs to analyze the data as soon as possible.
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