Warta Informatika Pertanian : Volume 9, Desember 2000

  • Seleksi Famili Jagung dengan Sebaran Normal (Normal Distribution for Selection of Maize Family)
M. Yasin, HG. dan Firdaus Kasim, Balitjas Maros

A random variable of (Xi) is defined to be normally distributed if its weight/density is given where the parameter µ and o2 satisfy (-~ < µ + ~) and o2>0. The standard normal random variable which has mean of 0 and variance 1 or Z ~ N ( 0,1 ) could be used for selection criteria of maize family for Open Pollinated Variety parental material. The analysis is called Index Selection. Breeders could give criteria to select families in a population with range value of standard deviation (s) -3.0 to +3.0 and intensity 0 to 10;. The Index Selection method was utilized to select families from maize population AMATL(Sl)C2 which was improved for acid soil tolerance. In selecting best families breeders defined standard deviation (s) : 0.0 to 3.0 and intensity 5.0 to 9.0. The mean yield of 20 selected families was 3055 kg/ha or 32.5 % higher than mean of its population; Anthesis Silking Interval mean was six days. Five variables (plant height, ear height, plant aspect, husk aspect and ear aspect) were defined as the same with population (s = 0) and all data recorded were without transformation. The entry number AMATL(Sl)C2 95-1 was the best family among  the selected families. 

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  • Penggunan Bahasa Program BASIC untuk Penentuan Koefisien Infitrasi Tanah  (Application of BASIC to Determine Soil Infiltration Coefficients)
Tagus Vadari, Puslittanak Bogor

BASIC is one of a usefull programming language to calculate complex mathematical problem involving iteration. Although it is an obsolete language, its simplicity makes BASIC still be able to be applied for technical programming. One of the use of, BASIC is for developing models for determining soil infiltration coeffisien. Soil infiltration rate is a parameter which is used to calculate rate of water to infiltrate the soil. Information on soil infiltration rate is important in designing irrigation system and land conservation. Infiltration rate is determined by land capability to absorb water. At the beginning, usually rate of infiltration is high but after some time the rate will be constant. The relationship between time and infiltration rate is expressed in equation: r = k7". The values of constants k and n are varied depend on the land condition. To calculate the values of k and n, regresseion analysis can be applied after transforming the equation into logarithmic form. In this case, a small BASIC program BASIC shows a powerfull tool to ease in calculating the constant k and n.

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  • Hubungan Antara Uji t dan Uji F dalam Pengujian Nilai Tengah (Relationship Between t Testing and F Testing in Population Mean Testing)
Iwa Sungkawa - Sekretariat Badan Litbang Jakarta

Relationship between F and t distribution in a mean (mid point) testing can be shown theoretically by comparing its probability density function' which value of random variable        F= ….. And t= ….., with U and V are chi-squarely distribution with degree of freedom r1 and r2 respectivel. W is normally distributed and W2 chi-squarel distributed with single degree of freedom in so T2 Will be F distributed with single degree of freedom and will be T2=F. Empirically, Relationship between those two distribution can be shown by taking application cases of those distribution. in two mean values testing it can be shown that T2 = F. 

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  • Aplikasi Teknik Pemrograman Visual untuk Pengembangan SIM Program Badan Litbang Pertanian (The Application of Visual Programming Tachnique for Developing AARD MIS Software)
Bambang Sugiharto, Candra Komala, Budiman - Sekretariat Badan Litbang Jakarta

Visual programming technique which becoming popular at present is being applied for developing MIS software of MRD. By using this kind of technique programming can be conducted vety easy and quick as the programming language has developed standard interface and object which can be deployed to any application. More over, visual programming also offer variety of software (sub module) execution type by event driven procedure which may be embedded to object!;. Moreover, visual programming language generate more user friendly application as it is run on graphical modes. In order to improve the application of MRD MIS this kind of technique has beeo adopted. As a result, the new version of the software is more easily operated. As we/~ the new visual software makes the data exchange between other application can be conducted easily. 

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